Thursday, 1 October 2009

Vintage travel posters


During the summer I visited The London Transport Museum while in the city attending the Lion King West End show. I have to be honest i was pleasantly surprised, but anyway more about the museum and what it has to offer in my next blog. This blog is much more dedicated to the collection of brilliant vintage travel posters on display, most of them dedicated to selling the underground along side ones from sightseeing and using the bus. Along side the style of which each adopts, all illustrated and often containing elements or an understanding of geometry, it was the types of messages that intrigued me most. Take the one above that states 'It's cooler below', now I don't live in London but i have experienced the underground mid summer, and i would not describe it as cooler. It's more like 'Free sauna below', would be more fitting, so I was wondering would this kind of message pass legal requirements these days???

However there are some which are brilliantly worked, take the one below. I think this is a great advertisement to place on the tube, it serves the purpose of telling people to stay awake because the trains are so fast you will miss your stop. The designer has turned a negative on its head and used it to show a positive. Even though at first it looks like there is too much copy, it is likely that a poster like that will probably be placed on the tube, and so the audience should have enough time to read it all.

Er and can i just apologise for the pictures took on my phone, not the best some of them.

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