Thursday, 8 October 2009

The cornwall sun set

It is not what you call man-made design but never the less it definitely is a spectacle. It is constructed by the best known architect God (oooo controversial), and even more of a mystery is how this was a photo I took down in Cornwall on Mawgan Porth beach. On one of the 5 days of sunshine we have had this summer I was gifted with this beautiful sunset. After a few in the Merry Moore inn we took to the beach to watch it set, and sat in amazement at the show we were given. While the kids played in the stream and parents nattered, I took the time to take some pictures and savour the moment. From the dramatic gradient in the sky to the sparkling reflections off the sea this scene really was any photographers dream. Unfortunately all I had is my camera phone; not that I am saying I am a photographer. Any way I feel these few shots provide enough of a visual indication of how I could have been stopped in my tracks and made to appreciate this sun set. The colours produced were phenomenal, and this kind of gradient could never be achieved with such excellence artificially. Truly is a sight for soar eyes.

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