Thursday, 1 October 2009

The circle of Life

The Lion King Broadway Show


I was told by friends and I read the reviews about the show and the general consensus is that it is an amazing show. I was excited by the hype but also worried, I was and hhmmm... still am a big fan of the Lion King the film and I really didn't want my views of it to be tarnished in anyway. I took my mum to see the show for her birthday and day in London, and she still remembers all of the times when she had to sit through Disney films with me when I was young; so i really wanted it to be enjoyable for her. I can tell you now the hype is well deserved! It is single handedly the best show I have ever seen, we were both completely engrossed in it from the first note by the orchestra to the last dim of the lights. Our hands were red roar from the amount of applauds it demands and deserves. The opening scene is fantastic, the costumes were executed with brilliant imagination with every detail adding positively to the spectacle. The music all the way through was goose bump raising, with some songs that were not in the film that should have been.

I guess if your a fan of the film you are wondering is it better, worse or does it spoil the film? Neither it has enhanced it, now when I think about moments in the film i have to think about the show also, they run parallel for me. This is what I was most pleased about when leaving the theatre, it made me like the story of the Lion King even more.

The animals were all played by people however for the most of it you don't even look at them as humans, your imagination covers up the human aspect and just leaves you with the animal. Mufasa and Scar were outstanding, with their giant head pieces that came down when they wanted to show a certain emotion. There was also a leopard that gracefully sauntered across the stage in such away that I honestly was unaware of the person doing it.

Inspirationally imaginative and heart warming show that anyone will enjoy, whether your a fan of the film or not.

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