Thursday, 8 October 2009

Don't Hide It

2006 NSPCC Don't Hide it campaign

I have begun to take an interest in awareness campaigns, certain charities have got a brilliant way with their design, and every campaign seems to be be effective. This one really is tremendous, I thought those 3 posters shown above said all they need to about the problems and difficulties children put up with all over the country/world. The masks are, lets face it freaky, but show the fake, lifeless charades put on each and every day. Choice of photography and location is also key here, as each setting is obviously a childs bedroom, and the masks are placed in ordinary places, much like where you would sling your blazer or P.E bag over. A brilliant example of how to evoke uneasy emotions, some which you not sure how you should react to. Its nice that isn't instantly recognisable that it is a mask, i like the fact it draws you in with unfamiliar sight, then opens your eye with a shocking reality.

I know its a little cliche, but reaching out to the kids is very important, and around this time i think the choice of music was excellent. The video below is the official song of the campaign, and it has come at a time where that style of music is growing in popularity at an incredible rate. The video, although not a master piece by any standard, does empathise with many childrens situations. Plus it is again another link to the style of music videos seen, on the like of 'channel U', Mtv Base and the internet.

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