Thursday, 1 October 2009

The London Transport Museum

I visited London over summer to take mother goose to the Lion King Show at the Lyceum theatre, while there we also visited The London Transport Museum. If I am honest it is not a museum I thought I would visit at any point, but we were in the area and we thought might as well kill some time and learn something. To our surprise there were some interesting aspects to the museum. I am not going to lie to you, it won’t blow your mind but there is plenty to see and engage with, and there are a very nice collection vintage posters. So at least like me you creative people can find something to distract you. The building was very nice too, architecturally some stunning features, inside that is. There was also I nice little incentive for the younger people, which we didn’t really get till half way round, and that was a stamp card of the evolving technology. Each new area there was a stamp that would punch the shape of the vehicle you were near. Since I had forgot some I couldn’t leave with out completing so I may have ran all the way back round to complete my card. Something that I read there that made me think, was the fact that they obviously couldn’t use steam power underground and so had to go with the very new and risky technology of electricity. I have never really had to think about this kind of thing before, as I have always known things to just work, so it was interesting to be brought back into realisation of how things were.

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