Monday, 12 October 2009

Business Cards

This is a great website for checkiing out some really creative business cards and stationary. It is work of designers and organizations across the globe and has rather inspiring work. There is always a range of interesting pieces there, that sometimes push the boundaries and the ordinary functions of a business card to the limits. Definitely worth a browse.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Film Festival

This is a poster design that caught my attention while flicking through the Computer Arts magazine, by a young recent graduate from a ba(hons) graphic design course. I just really liked the illustration of the projector and the light beam, i thought it really captures the motion of the light brilliantly in this still. The sharp shapes and hard lines contrasted with the soft exterior ones is, and then the gradient of scale which perfectly represents the way in which a cinema screen works. The relationship with the typography and the image also flows nicely, it continues the direction and doesn't disrupt the flow of the design.

Paul Day

Earlier in the summer i visited London, we went by train and of course went via st Pancras station. I was amazed by its rehabilitation and by the enormous sculpture looking over the whole station. Its stands high and prominent at the end of the station and is a tremendous symbol of the romance that comes with a train station. The meeting of two lovers kept by distance, and unite on the platform and hold each other tightly to make up for all the time they have lost apart. It is a brilliant sculpture that pays so much attention to detail, that you can actually imagine the cliche seen and the real feelings that come with it. It is so enormous that i feel it becomes apart of the architecture, the same way architecture affects you when you are interacting with it, so does this sculpture; it gives you an extremely warm feeling.

Design event

Design event

This is an organization that celebrates all work in graphics, illustration, architecture and product design. They have a great web site that allows you to see some of the work from previous exhibitions and informs you on everything that is coming up.

It has been running for 5 years, and this year there is particularly nice exhibition/ project called Democracy. It is especially valid for people doing graphics or illustration, and there is some interesting pieces. I quite liked the message here in this one, i also like the idea of using the tape to erase some of the copy, like its all a big cover up, however i am not too fond of the overall delivery of the piece. The copy did get me thinking about the way we are all communicated to and mislead in some cases through so called democracy.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

The salvation Army

This is an advertisement for the Salvation Army's adult rehabilitation centres across America. It is a extremely interesting use of the renowned song Amazing Grace, and it uses the lyrics to set up an insight into a lot of once troubled peoples lives. The script and concept work perfectly along side the song, and it quickly delivers the message about the people involved. At first you are lead to believe that you are about to once again here the just the song, as itself delivers a message of hardship and hope. Then the lyrics are replaced with what ever it is the person needed help for; 'crack addict', 'meth freak', 'just lost' and so on. I think it is a gentle way of delivering the word about the extraordinary work the Salvation Army does for people everywhere.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Dot to Dot

This is a relatively simple style of type face on a flat 2D format, however it does have its little quirky surprises. For instance, especially with a dotted style of type face you do no expect the small flicks off letters like m, n, r, a, b and the dots on the i to have two dots in them. Its just a little unexpected, but the effect is quite nice, as the letters some how feel extended even if it is only by one dot. Some of the pictures are taken from the Montreal Museum of Art, it is an e-art exhibition.

Sixteen font book

I really liked the design of this book, the typography used is extremely well thought out, and the colour scheme is simple but has a big impact. I am pretty sure that the purpose of the book is to just show off these 16 fonts, i am not entirely sure why though. It would be a quite handy tool to have around the place if you are a designer though, as quick glance at the book you can get a look and feel of one of the popular fonts chosen and decide whether its right for your project.



On the whole Dubai's new found flourish of architecture is simply staggering, with new designs, ideas and buildings popping up every where. It is no surprise that i have found something jaw dropping to do with the architecture there. The transformation is so vast to the extent that there are more construction workers than the population of Dubai. I just want to show you this amazingly/shockingly beautiful design, how is anything like that even achievable. It really is jaw dropping, i pretty sure that is only a computer generated image, but the fact that someone has designed that with the intentions of building it is tremendous. I am not sure how it would be done, and i am not sure why but it is truly inspiring to think what we can do in this day and age.

Whats this?????

Paul Smith and Evian unite

For a limited time only Evian are going to have a Paul Smith glass bottle to add to their collection. It is going to be running until christmas. It really took me by surprise, as well don't worry. Anyway the design of the bottle is really nice, with the famous Paul Smith coloured stripes rapped round the bottle neck the brands come together perfectly. I can only imagine it is to be sold in up market restaurants, bars and shops like John Lewis and so on... The look of the bottle is really great but i am just wondering whether it will be worth the price?? (what ever that may be). Apparently the ink is all organic as well, evian and Paul Smith have really gone to town with this one.



Up is the latest instalment from disney pixar and is going to be a big hit this autumn, if it lives up to the hype that is. This film has had trailers all over the apple site for months, and i personally am looking forward to seeing it. I would love to see it in 3D as i have never been to an i Max yest, but i don't know if this will be the right one for the job. There are some great looking characters in it and i am truly looking forward to see if Disney Pixar have produced another stunning piece of work on par with Wall.e.