Friday, 21 August 2009

Ibiza Global Radio

This is definitely for those of you who are into your music (a lot of house) and who haven't had the chance to get away to Ibiza this extremely drab English summer. It has everything from house, electric and Ibiza dance; and not so much of the big fish little fish kind. You can listen to new, up and coming sounds via a live stream giving you an insight into the non 'chavy' side of ibiza. The side that keeps new people going, and those season veterans returning to the island in search of the years new vibes.

There are Spanish presenters who pop up to let you know what's going on, and they occasionally break into English to help us out. Unlike the ordinary radio stations that we are forced to suffer over here, they DON'T become a reason to turn over the station in desperate search of some music, they play music! The only thing is you have to put up with some advertisement every now and again, that goes on for quite a while, well for little more than they should put it that way.

The web site is very easy to navigate and is engaging, it looks cool (i mean in the sense of a feeling of coolness). There are very tranquil and emotive pictures of the island behind each page or click of a button, that just make your imagination take you to that moment. The picture above with the peer in it and the clear turquoise sea is far too tempting, I just feel like getting my bank card and making a rash plane ticket purchase over there. This is with out a doubt the intentions of these images, and i think it does a tremendous job along side the music of helping you just take your mind away to some where you would rather be.

I have taken a particular shine to the house vibes session thats on there. It is going nicely alongside working, chilled out enough to not make you want to start raving, but is upbeat to keep your juices pumping.

I think the only problem with the site, is the fact that you can't listen to previous sessions that you may have missed. This stands out only because of the luxury that bbc iplayer has given us, being able to listen or watch back up to 7 days of entertainment. If it could maybe begin to introduce this into its arsenal then it would be even better.