Thursday, 1 October 2009

Some bodies poisoned the water hole...!!

Toy Story

With unforgettable lines like 'To infinity and beyond!', 'You are a TOY!!' and 'There's a snake in my boot.' Toy Story is a wonderful film that both children and adults can enjoy. It is an icon in the world of film, never before had a film been computer generated to the same degree, it's sophistication alone set it head and shoulders above the rest of the films around that time. Then there is the amazingly imaginative and engaging story line, it is a subject that anyone can feel and relate to. I feel it is a truly intimate idea that will provoke some vibrant emotions from anyone, after all what kid wouldn't love their toys to come alive when they are not around? In fact i am sure every single adult and parent who took their child to see this brilliant film would love the idea of their old action men, cabbage patch kids and lego people coming alive and interacting with them. Lets not dismiss from mind that amazing introduction to the movie 'You got a friend in me', where you really get a sense in that minute and half the delightful attachment Andy (the human boy) has for his favorite toy Woody. I am pretty sure this scene also rocketed Randy Newman's career again, gaining him an Oscar nomination in 1996.

Of course one of the main reasons for this blog is the exciting new installment of the Toy Story brand, Toy Story 3, and the other two films in 3D. I for one am very looking forward to the new films, in fact writing this blog has made me want to watch the film now and enjoy it all over again. After examining the films much more I am much more aware of how and why the film means so much to me, and why i like so many have enjoyed it over and over again.

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